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In chemical, pharmaceutical, food and oil refining plants, various equipment is used for agitation, dilution and blending of a Fluid. these units need a reliability and safety for protect the environment and workplace. Mechanical Seal can move to an axial or a radial of the Shaft, Mechanical Seal must provide excellent performance in the units.

  • Liquid Lubricated, Dry Contacting or Non Contacting Face technology
  • The Modular designs for easy part replacement
  • The Cartridge designs with or without a bearing
  • Top and side installation method
  • The Sealing system to withstand the Inversion Phenomenon of Pressure and can handle emergency situations
  • Cooling Flange Option
  • Designs is comply with the major standards of OEM
  • Designs is comply with the major standards of DIN
  • Ability to handle the Run out of axial and radial
  • Materials selected for corrosion resistance and life of Mechanical Seal
  • The Split designs for easy installation
  • The Sterilization designs
  • Auxiliary system to enhance reliability
  • Support from Knowledgeable and experienced the Mixer Seal Team
  • Designs complies Customer Need