The priority objective of Sealer Ind Co., Ltd. consists in constantly developing technological prowess aiming to improve efficiency and economic feasibility.

Since our company was founded in October of 1995, we have been steadily devoting ourselves to Research and Development of our own, putting top priority on high technological prowess. As soon as our head office was moved to Incheon in September of 2017, our R & D Institute attached to enterprise was officially approved by Korea Industrial Technology Association, and this helped us in creating an ideal environment to devotedly concentrate on R & D.

Our R & D Institute focuses on research and development for effective production of products in the field of development, processing and quality analysis of mechanical seal. Furthermore, to respond to the currently increasing demands for preventing water leak and humidity in diverse and broad areas, we are making our utmost effort to establish the optimum system for each area.

Based on R & D Institute of Sealer Ind Co., Ltd., we will not only make an effort to meet the needs of our customers, but also apply ourselves to leading in industrial progress and environmental protection with more dedication.